In recent years, the world of pet wellness has witnessed a remarkable transformation with the introduction of PET-CBD. New Heights LLC saw this as a revolutionary approach to enhancing the health and well-being of our beloved four-legged companions. We decided then to carry a variety of CBD Products Treats, Sprays and oils.

 CBD, or cannabidiol, a non-psychoactive compound derived from the hemp plant, has emerged as a promising natural remedy for a wide range of pet-related ailments. This innovative therapy has opened up new avenues for pet owners seeking safe and effective solutions to improve their pets’ quality of life. In this introduction, we’ll explore the fascinating world of PET-CBD, its potential benefits.  New Heights is excited  to be a part of CBD and it’s reshaping the way we care for our pets.

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Trixi Treats
A New Heights Original Product containing CBD for pets. 150mg containers.
Trixi treats Provide The best in dog calming and joint pain relief. 

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Paw CBD is committed to providing natural options for the animals in your life. We are proud to offer high-quality, veterinarian-formulated CBD products specially created for the comfort and care of your pets.

Join Us on Your Wellness Journey!
Join Us on Your Wellness Journey!

Canna River
Our CBD/CBG Pet Tincture aims at potentially providing maximum pain relief, anti-inflammation, appetite stimulation, anxiety relief, sleep and more. Also, being in a 30mL bottle our Pet Tincture now uses less oil while providing more benefits than our previous 60mL bottle. Less oil makes our Pet Tincture much easier for your pet to digest consistently. It’s always best to start on the lower end of dosing, working your way up to understand your pets comfort with the CBD. 

Join Us on Your Wellness Journey!
Join Us on Your Wellness Journey!

Pinnacle Pets
Pinnacle has been making effective and groundbreaking products since 2016. Our products can be found across the US and across the globe. We have developed multiple lines to help the maximum amount of people. We offer full-spectrum CBD products as well as broad-spectrum and CBD isolate products.

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Little Pet Fact

New heights would like to keep a open mind for all our pets and there needs. Follow us on instagram for more pet facts and information on New Pet Health Products.