New Heights LLC Brings a Larger Variety of products to the table. From Nicotine Vapes, Juice, Coils, Mods / Rigs, Zero Nicotine Juice and Disposables. New Heights LLC has you covered for you Vaping needs.

Join Us on Your Wellness Journey!
Join Us on Your Wellness Journey!

Smok is a global leader in the vaping industry, known for its innovative high-quality products. Founded in 2010, the brand quickly gained a reputation for producing powerful and stylish devices. Smok provides a variety of products including disposables.

Join Us on Your Wellness Journey!
Join Us on Your Wellness Journey!
Join Us on Your Wellness Journey!

Voopoo tech is devoted to developing the most innovative technology of muti-analysis to achieve power control, temperature control, mode switching,power management, and other smart functions. Bringing the global vape community a more enriched and wonderful vaping experience.

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Yocan specializes in the best vaporizers, vape pens, wax vaporizers, dry herb vaporizers, and e-rigs. Over years of testing Yocan has produced top quality rigs specializing in heating controls, mode switching and cart safety.

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Juice Head
Juice Head strives to provide the best in quality assurance and product satisfaction. With well over one hundred plus flavors You are sure to find the right Juice for your vaping needs.

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HOPO Vapor

HOPO never stopped its pace of seeking innovations and present them to vapers all around the world since 2018 when it was founded. We kept pushing our boundaries to see every possibility in the new products we design and we never fear exploring every potential innovation that can be presented to our customers. HOPO’s innovative designs give a sleek look and with multiple flavors to choose from.

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Fifty Bar
Fifty Bar are here to unleash the spirit of American craftsmanship in the disposable vape market. Fifty Bar is dedicated to pioneering the trail of American disposable vape products. We believe it’s time to bring home something truly genuine. We are bring a lot of great flavors to choose from!

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Humble Juice Co
Humble Juice Co. has always been known for providing awesome flavors. Great variety of Juices that pack a punch. From salt nic to zero nic Humble has an amazing selection of juices in store for you.

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Pastel Cartel Esco Bars
Esco has a wide selection of disposables with great flavors. Newly redesigned Esco disposables offer a longer lasting, better tasting vape. With over 150+ Flavors you are sure to find the disposable right for you.

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FoodGod specializes in Zero nic vapes. The main focus was to bring our customers the best in quality flavors, and a great over all experience. With more them 200 flavors to choose from FoodGod’s sure to help you kick the butt in no time!

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Geekvape, founded in 2015, is an innovative technology company. Our mission is to produce innovation and create reliable user experience for vape industry. We always listen to different voices, aiming to contribute a positive impact on our society and bring a healthier vape experience to the public. Serving more than 30 million customers globally, we provide Mods,e-rigs,Coils, glass and more!

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LYF  brand
LYFfocuse on providing quality products at a fair price. LYF offers more than just great E-juice liquid. Lyf offers Juice, Drinks, mints, and CBD/Delta 8 products. With hundreds of flavors to choose and sessional favorites you are sure to find the juice for you.